Pensacola Branch

NMLS: #920258


(850) 483-0910


3298 Summit Blvd., #18
Pensacola, FL 32503

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8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Our region (Supreme Lending Southern Region) includes branches across Florida, Alabama and Mississippi


David Redmond
David RedmondProducing Regional Manager
NMLS #193303
Direct: (850) 483-0910
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Jason Weber
Jason WeberProducing Branch Manager
NMLS #518610
Direct: (850) 483-0915
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Susan Bailey
Susan BaileyLoan Officer
NMLS #1703115
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Roxanne Brooks
Roxanne BrooksSales Coordinator
NMLS #1092557
Direct: (850) 483-0923
Fax: (850) 483-0948
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James Coleman
James ColemanLoan Officer
NMLS #1062273
Direct: (850) 777-3511
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Kimberly Donado
Kimberly DonadoRegional Operations Manager
NMLS #369082
Direct: (850) 483-0917
Cell: (850) 602-9203
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Christina Giese
Christina GieseLoan Officer
NMLS #2108538
Direct: (850) 483-0919
Mobile: (850) 450-1757
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Royce Ingram
Royce IngramLoan Officer
NMLS #506189
Direct: 850-261-3942
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Craig Pitts
Craig PittsLoan Officer
NMLS #2120901
Direct: (850) 634-2217
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Brieanna Pettry
Brieanna PettryLoan Officer
NMLS #1999997
Direct: (850) 483-0915
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Gina Redmond
Gina RedmondLoan Officer
NMLS #1374177
Direct: (850) 483-0929
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Kevin Shoultz
Kevin ShoultzLoan Officer
NMLS #449915
Direct: 850-483-0933
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Shellie Isakson-Smith
Shellie Isakson-SmithLoan Officer
NMLS #440325
Direct: (850) 777-3513
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Julie Smith
Julie SmithLoan Officer
NMLS #1201785
Direct: (850) 760-0687
Fax: (850) 760-0692
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Kim Strickler
Kim StricklerLoan Officer
NMLS #491832
Direct: 850-483-0932
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Kris Waters
Kris WatersLoan Officer
NMLS #440327
Direct: (850) 483-0931
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Marlana Weedun
Marlana WeedunLoan Officer
NMLS #951845
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LOAN OFFICERS (Panama City Satellite)

April McMullan
April McMullanLoan Officer
NMLS #188967
Direct: (850) 483-0916
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Thank you Kim, you have been the best experience I have ever had as a customer. Always available, always prompt and always informative. I know that we had a difficult task to close in such a short period but you still made it happen. You guys have a customer for life now and you are an asset to your organization.

We appreciate your time!

Taylan & Michelle, Clients

For a first time buyer this process can be vigorous and extremely confusing.  James was able to answer all of my meticulous questions from the start.  Through out the entire process I was supported and James ensured I understood each document I signed including all of the new financial language that came with the experience.  You should be comfortable and feel like a human, not a commission, when purchasing a home or selecting a lender/realtor.  If I could do this all again, I would choose James and Supreme Lending every time!

Keeshonna Houston, Clients